SOP UNDERSTANDING is a set of instructions accumulated by the organization to help workers undertake their daily responsibilities. SOP aims at diminishing miscommunication or communication gaps whatsoever or failure to comply with industry regulations, and augments the efficiency, result quality, and uniformity in the performance of the workforce.

GAP ANALYSIS refers to comparing the actual performance with the possible or desired performance. It compares the output that could have been achieved with the same number of resources and capital, and the output that is actually achieved. It opens the doors of improvement for the organization.

INTERNAL AUDITS enable pointing and correcting errors in a process before moving it to external audits. It offers risk management and garners the efficiency of an organization’s internal controls, corporate governance, and accounting processes.


Complete FAR that outlines particular rules and procedures that all the firms must follow while measuring their overhead rates. The FAR audit enables your organization to bid and work on a number of government works. Moreover, it also ensures that you receive the best price for government contract work.

Inventory and Warehouse Audits (PV) refers to comparing the results of a physical count with the inventory records and garnering the efficiency of warehouse procedures, performance, and service levels, and checking the compliance of the warehouse operations with the safety policies and procedures.


Business intelligence (BI) fuses business analytics, data mining and visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to aid organizations to make data-driven decisions.

We use Tableau and PowerBI to provide our clientele with complete BI.BI helps your organization to stay competitive and maximize the gains. There are numerous advantages of BI, such as agile and accurate reporting, crucial business insights, competitive analysis, enhanced data quality, augmented consumer satisfaction, identification of market trends, accelerated operational efficiency, better and more apt decisions, higher revenue, and lower margins.


Identifying and Eliminating Duplicate Efforts by ABC. Data Duplication takes a toll on the health of a myriad of businesses and, can negatively ramify your business, and can even lead to distrust among your customers.

We understand how vital elimination of duplicate data is for your company’s growth, and we offer pragmatic and ingenious solutions to identify and eliminate duplicate data.


Globalization and Digitalization of industrial systems have prioritized Standard Compliance. To stay ahead in the competition and remain rock-solid in the business, every sector in the industry needs to comply with numerous regulations. Compliance refers to fulfilling all the regulations by inculcating all measures imposed by laws and standards.

We recognize a plethora of standards and best practice guidelines for your business, which are employed to yield security and safety.


Sustainable Cyber Security is especially vital in the contemporary era amidst the escalating digital footprint. Now, when cyber-attacks have become a common threat, and an efficient, timeless, and strong strategy to tackle this issue is indispensable.

Our Security as a Service reduces the pressure on your in-house security team, measures the security needs with the escalation of your business, and circumvents the cost and maintenance of the on-premise alternatives.

The benefits of availing ArBhar’s Security as a Service include savings on security budgets, the cutting-edge security tools and updates, agile provisioning, and free up resources.

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The Finance Effectiveness team at ArBhar Consulting helps CFOs & Finance Directors on the alignment of their vision with the company’s strategic initiatives. We help design and implement change to client’s finance organization, process and systems to improve the overall value of finance.