About ArBhar Consulting

ArBhar Consulting is one of the fastest-growing Management Consultants with an emphasis on Internal Controls, Audits, Process Outsourcing, Compliance, and Technology.

We try to work as an Extra Hand with our clients to help them achieve their ultimate business goals!

Our team of experts LISTEN and UNDERSTAND your Visions, Plans, and Challenges, and fuse their in-depth knowledge in the field and ArBhar’s extensive years of experience to yield the desired outcomes through innovative solutions.

We desire to aid businesses of every size to accomplish their Growth Reengineering and Development Purposes.


Why Choose Us

ArBhar Consulting believes in delivering quality solutions that enhance its client’s businesses. There is a list of things that we are doing RIGHT that makes us UNIQUE from others.



We understand the problems from a users’ perspective and come up with simple solutions. In other words, we optimize the process to ensure Compliance. We make sure to Prevent Brain Drain.



We aim at Reducing HeadCount to Outsourcing and Optimize supply chain and real estate to maximize the business yields. We prioritize business intelligence and analytics to enhance productivity and optimize assets by reworking on the fixed asset register.



We value the time of our clientele and make sure to deliver our quality services in time. We firmly believe that in the world of business, time is a more vital asset than money and we wholeheartedly stand by it every time!

ArBhar Consulting Analytics
  • Delivers METADATA that gives information about one or more data
  • Creates DATA LAKES that is a single bank of data that consists of raw copies of source system data, sensor data, social data, and others, and also includes transformed data which is used for tasks such as visualization, reporting, machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Identifies OWNERS and defines OWNERSHIP
  • Optimizes DATA by Removing Redundancy and save your business a good amount of money that could otherwise be wasted due to the chaos created by duplicate data
  • Segregates the DATA in accordance with who needs to see what and thus avails a user with only that data that is essential for them and thus other data is kept secure from the potential risks of multi-tenant environments.
  • Localizes the CONTENT around a personalized experience
  • Creates Data Awareness
  • Provides useful Dashboard

Finance Effectiveness & Process Outsourcing

The Finance Effectiveness team at ArBhar Consulting helps CFOs & Finance Directors on the alignment of their vision with the company’s strategic initiatives. We help design and implement change to client’s finance organization, process and systems to improve the overall value of finance.

Our clientele

Our Assured on-time Quality Services have helped us in earning a good reputation and trust in the business. Our clientele includes a list of eminent names includes but is not limited to-